The PACS growing in strength and credibility since 1971, the year of its foundation. Successor of SYSTAN OF BRAZIL, arising from the INTERNATIONAL SYSTAN INC., Company American who developed the Master Plan for Integrated Management Information Systems for the DNER, continues to date, providing services across the country with a high standard of quality, safety and economy, fulfilling their commitments on time, following national standards and sometimes international, as well as procedures and protocols of the contractors.

The company has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, and today has over 100 direct employees, in addition to the technical and commercial strategic alliances with partners of equal competence and consultants with remarkable knowledge in their specialties, to develop the best solutions, always valuing humans and the environment, thereby preserving the FUTURE.


Competently and safely carry out our work within a consciousness Socio-environmental, intending always leave a good legacy for the country.